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A symbol of hospitality and generosity
Hospitality and Generosity

Arabic hospitality is famous worldwide and coffee is a hugely important part of that experience. Coffee is prepared and served to guests, whether at a family gathering or a business meeting. Guests are generally expected to drink between one and three cups, and it is customary to give the empty cup a small shake with the wrist and set it down when you’ve had enough. 

Guests will usually be received for coffee and dates in the majlis, a room lined with sofas or floor cushions which exists for the specific purpose of meetings and gatherings. Most homes (and even many offices and government ministries) have a majlis, particularly in the Gulf. Sometimes a house will have two – one for men and one for women. Coffee – and of course, the majlis – is especially important during festivities and celebrations like Eid, along with other family and community gatherings. 

Benefits of Coffee
Benefits of Coffee

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